Real Estate & Construction

Real estate & construction firms live and die by the details. Today, risk extends even beyond the internal control of your projects and properties. Managing external risks in your industry is an ever-growing challenge.

At Cassady Schiller, we are dedicated to helping our clients turn growing challenges into opportunities. Our services are designed to simplify outside factors and best position your business to succeed. We strive to help you avoid pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities.  No one knows your business like you do – but our industry experience and expertise make us a valuable partner for real estate & construction companies.

We understand the role of business in the lives of our clients. Many of our clients are closely held and family businesses, so business decisions can have a direct and profound impact on personal well-being. We help our clients weigh business and personal decisions – focusing on continuity of business and growth and preservation of personal wealth.

Our Real Estate & Construction services include:


    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Forecasts & Projections
    • Entity Selection
    • Operating Agreement Review


    • Retirement Planning
    • Estate & Gift Tax Planning
    • Family Tax Planning
    • Performance Measurement
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