At Cassady Schiller, we recognize that our people are what keep us moving – the success of Cassady Schiller is dependent upon the success of our employees. More than that, we know the importance working in a comfortable, inviting and fun setting – a place you look forward to coming to everyday. We are committed to our people because we value their commitment to us.

Our firm is led by our Partners, Principals and Managers. Each play a vital role in client service and are an important part of our team. We are proud of the skills and development of each team member and are confident in their ability to bring value to each relationship.

Our Partners

Heather Bucher

Chief Operating Officer

David J Cassady

Chief Growth Officer

Michael W Clark

Managing Partner

John H Eberhart

Director of Accounting and Auditing

Janie Evans

Tax Partner

James B. McGrath

Director of Wealth Management Services

Robert M Schiller

Chief Strategic Officer

Brian C Stautberg

Director of Tax

Our Team

Jamie Applegate

Tax Manager

Tricia Austing

Senior Tax Manager

Amy Baume

Tax Manager

Linda M Brogan

Tax Manager

Willie Craig

IT Manager

Gwen C DiMeo

Tax Principal

Michelle Grant

Senior Tax Manager

Andrew W. Green

Director, Litigation Consulting Group

Mike R Hawkins

Tax Principal

Whitney Hurtt

Tax Manager

Karen R Keller

Senior Manager

Nathan Oswald

Senior Audit Manager

Lydia Ritze

Senior Audit Manager

Craig Vonderhaar

Tax Manager

Gail L Waham

Tax Principal