Our Team Talks

Gwen DiMeo
Senior Tax Manager

I had multiple opportunities, but chose to work with Cassady Schiller. I felt they wanted to put people in roles they excel in and enjoy. I believe that if you are doing something you truly enjoy, your work product will reflect your expertise and dedication.


Kim Laws

Senior Tax Associate

People tend to think accountants are dull until they spend some time with this group. It’s still not cool to be an accountant in the eyes of my 15 year old’s friends, but when I tell them about our Keeneland trips, March Madness parties and our latest trip to Chicago, they start thinking I may be the “Cool Mom,” even at work.


Janie Evans

Tax Partner

As an employee, I appreciate the extras the firm offers to make our lives easier, both inside and outside these four walls. Work/Life Balance has become a common catchphrase, but it actually means something here.

As for our clients, I enjoy that we are proactive, engaging in discussions year round, diagnosing problems and finding solutions.


Michelle Grant

Tax Manager

Cassady Schiller has an excellent work environment. There is an open door policy and everyone is available to assist and answer questions. All personality types are welcomed and encouraged at Cassady Schiller. Everyone brings their own unique set of skills to the table.


Natasha Busam

Senior Audit Associate

Cassady Schiller is a place where we are encouraged to work hard and exceed our clients’ expectations. The partners value you as a person and truly appreciate your time and efforts.


Helen McElvogue

Administrative Professional

Cassady Schiller has a great culture – we laugh every day here. The partners go the extra mile and take a sincere interest in me, my family and my goals – and so do my co-workers for that matter. It’s a pleasure to work in a true team environment.


Mike Hawkins

Tax Principal

This is an employee-friendly firm. The partners understand that people have issues outside of work and do their best to accommodate family emergencies, babysitting issues, and other problems employees may encounter.


Stephanie Carle

Senior Tax Associate

I do not refer to my co-workers as ‘people I work with’ but rather my friends. That’s what they are. In addition to the professional advice and guidance I have received, I have also learned the importance of growing up as a working family woman. The flexibility the job has to offer is perfect for balancing work and family.